Dr. Laurence Mann

Dr. Laurence Mann
Departmental Lecturer in Japanese

Dr Laurence Mann joined the Oriental Institute this year, as Departmental Lecturer in Japanese.  His research interests centre on the Engishiki Norito, Old Japanese poetics, and rhetorical features of Japanese poetry and song through time. He is also interested in various cross-cultural, comparative, and digital perspectives on the formulation of literary discourse.

His contribution to the masters programme will be a number of options related to Classical Japanese Literature.

Special Event - Astor Lecture: Is There a Global History of Humanitarianism?

Tuesday, 31 October, 2017 -
17:00 to 18:30
Nissan Institute Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College

“What motivates sympathy for people in distress in far-away places?  Is the rise of humanitarianism recent or ancient?  This lecture will explore the ways that global integration since the nineteenth century produced economic and affective ties between distant places and peoples; there has been a

Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

Pitt Rivers Museum announces new book on its collections, specifically its important Japanese photographic collection

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book on the Pitt Rivers Museum’s collections, specifically its important Japanese photographic collections.  Please find summary details attached (PDF) and further information available via their blog site here:

Nobusuke Tokura, SVP, NTCE, represents Nissan at Routledge Series anniversary at Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, Oxford University

Nobusuke Tokura, Senior Vice President of Nissan Technical Centre Europe, represented Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., at a celebration at the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies on May 19th, 2017 to commemorate the 100th volume of the Institute’s Routledge Series.


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