New Scott Family Scholarship

The Nissan Institute and St. Antony’s College are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Scott Family Scholarship for a student who studies for a one-year (MSc) or two-year (MPhil) degree in Modern Japanese Studies.  Special consideration will be given to a student with a disability.

Alyeska Robbins-Juarez, MSc in Modern Japanese Studies 2015-2016

Studying at the University of Oxford was a rewarding experience. The welcoming college environment along with the close proximity of the Institute for Japanese Studies made for quite a fulfilling setting. The ability to explore the college town, along with the unique rituals and friendships made, makes for the experience of a lifetime. To learn about my international region of focus while studying in a location with such a rich history is something I will not forget.

Kay E. Makishi, MSc in Modern Japanese Studies 2015-2016

My time as an MSc student in Modern Japanese Studies at Oxford was phenomenal. It was a space where I could explore and challenge norms, concepts, concepts of concepts, and everything in between. For me, it had been six years since last being in an academic setting at the start of my program and I was quite nervous whether I could keep up with the rigour of my coursework. Yet my professors were genuinely supportive and always challenged me to keep pushing my intellectual boundaries in a non-pretentious manner which I very much appreciated. Not to mention the eclectic mix of people that make up the postgraduate demographic at Oxford. I was surrounded 24/7 by brilliant individuals and when you're placed in that sort of environment, you have no choice but to grow! If you're thinking about applying to this program, I highly recommend it. You'll be in for one academic adventure!.

Moyuan Zeng, MSc in Modern Japanese Studies 2015-2016

Studying at the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, Oxford is an immensely rewarding experience that one cannot miss. The best part is undoubtedly the access to great minds. It is fulfilling not because of the brand and ranking, but the environment provides a strong impetus for students to think independently and challenge their limits both academically and mentally. Anyone who studies here can expect to leave with a set of skills and a mind-set that would be beneficial to whatever they pursue in the future.

Dr. Jenny Guest

Associate Professor of Japanese; Fellow of The Queen's College

Her research focuses on the reception of Chinese texts and modes of writing in early Japan, particularly in the Heian court of around the 10th-13th centuries, and is interested in issues of literacy, intertextuality, and gender, as well as comparative perspectives on the transmission of literary languages in the premodern world.  She teaches options in Classical Japanese language and literature for the masters course, including an introduction to the rich variety of premodern Japanese literature in English translation as well as options that involve close analysis of premodern literary text

Associate Professorship in Social Science Research Methods in the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies and the School of Geography and the Environment in association with Green Templeton College

Grade 36S: from £45,066 per annum

 We are seeking to appoint a permanent Associate Professor in Social Science Research Methods, to be held in the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies (SIAS) and School of Geography and the Environment (SoGE), in association with a Non-Tutorial Fellowship at Green Templeton College under arrangements described in the further particulars.


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