Academic - Director

  • Hugh Whittaker
    Professor in the Economy and Business of Japan and Director, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies

    My research interests include entrepreneurship, management of innovation, corporate governance, and employment relations in Japan, as well as political economy and economic development in East Asia.  My publications include Comparative Entrepreneurship: The UK, Japan and the Shadow of Silicon Valley (2009) and (co-edited) Corporate Governance and Managerial Reform in Japan (2009).  A current research project is on ‘compressed development’ in East Asia.



Academic - Staff

  • Professor Roger Goodman
    Head of Social Sciences Divsion; Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies

    I have been involved in area studies in Oxford almost continuously for the past thirty years. I embarked on a doctorate in the social anthropology of Japan at St Antony’s College in 1982; I then held a Junior Research Fellowship between 1985-88 at the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies; I spent a year at the Humanities Department at Imperial College, London and just over three years as a Reader at the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex, before returning to Oxford as the first University Lecturer in the Social Anthropology of Japan in 1993.

  • Professor Takehiko Kariya
    Professor in the Sociology of Japanese Society

    I joined the University of Oxford in 2008. After completing my BA and MA degrees at the University of Tokyo, I studied at Northwestern University in the US, where I got my PhD in sociology in 1988.  After going back to Japan, I worked at the National Institute of Multimedia Education from 1988 to 1991, and then moved to the Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo, where I taught the sociology of education for almost two decades until I came to Oxford.

  • Associate Professor in Modern Japanese History

    I am a cultural and intellectual historian in the Faculty of History and the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies at Oxford.  Upon completing Year 10 in secondary school, I had a number of very different professions, including work as a mountain guide in the Fjordlands of New Zealand. Later, I helped start-up businesses in the first years of the new Russian Federation, during which time I also helped establish new continuing education programs, incorporating Japanese studies, for adults.

  • Professor Ian Neary
    Professor in the Politics of Japan and Course Director for the MSc/MPhil in Modern Japanese Studies

    I have been working at Oxford University since 2004 before which I spent 15 years as a professor of Japanese studies at the University of Essex. I am based in the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies where I acted as director between 2006-2014. In October 2011 I became head of SIAS and served in that post until December 2014. I was a member of the Area Studies panel in the REF2014 exercise.

Academic - Affiliate

  • Dr Jenny Corbett
    Emeritus Fellow

    I specialise on the Japanese economy and most of my research has been on current macro-economic policy issues in Japan. I’ve been interested in Japanese banking and finance for many years and have also written on financial systems in economies in transition and on the Asian financial crisis of 1997.   At the ANU I have been Executive Director of the Australia-Japan Research Centre which focuses on the economic interaction between Australia and Japan and their strategic interests in the Asia Pacific region.  Presently I am serving as PVC Research.

  • Dr. Linda Flores
    University Lecturer in Japanese Literature and Tutorial Fellow at Pembroke College

    I am based at the Oriental Institue, Pusey Lane, Oxford. My research interests include Proletarian Literature, Women’s Writing, Gender Theory, Comparative Literature, and Atomic Bomb Literature.  My contribution to the masters programme will be a course on Modern Japanese Literature and Film, with a focus on the post war.

  • Prof. Bjarke Frellesvig
    Professor of Japanese Linguistics, Director of the University’s Research Centre for Japanese Language and Linguistics, and a Fellow of Hertford College

    I am based at the Oriental Institute in Pusey Lane.  I have been at Oxford since 2000. My research focusses on the history of the Japanese language. I teach Classical Japanese, Old Japanese, and Japanese linguistics. From 2012-15 I was Chair of the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

    My contribution to the masters programme will be a course in Japanese Linguistics which usually runs once a week over Michaelmas and Trinity Terms.

  • Dr Jennifer Guest is an Associate Professor in Classical Japanese Literature

    My research focuses on the reception of Chinese texts and modes of writing in early Japan, particularly in the Heian court of around the 10th-13th centuries, and she is interested in issues of literacy, intertextuality, and gender, as well as comparative perspectives on the transmission of literary languages in the premodern world.

  • Ms. Junko Hagiwara
    Japanese Language Instructor

    I am a senior instructor in Japanese at the Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford.  My main responsibility is for the Japanese language courses on the undergraduate’s programmes taught at the Oriental Institute but I also teach on the masters programme.