Stockwin Scholarship in Japanese Studies for 2nd Year MPhil students

This scholarship was made possible thanks to a generous donation made by Professor J. A. A. Stockwin on the occasion of his award of the Japan Foundation Prize in 2010.

It is to be used to pay the college fee [for 2017/2018 the fee was £2,933.00 per year] at St. Antony’s College of a student when he or she embarks on the second year of the MPhil in Japanese Studies.

Where appropriate, preference will be given to a student from the United Kingdom.

Applicants are asked to present a brief statement of no more than 500 words, describing the research project they intend to undertake as part of their programme.

Decisions will be made by the Course Committee of the MSc/MPhil programmes in Japanese Studies in the course of Trinity Term and all applicants informed as soon as possible thereafter.

Applications should be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies, Nissan Institute, 27 Winchester Rd, Oxford.

The deadline for applications is Friday 9th March 2018 (last round of the admissions process).