Dr Eiko Honda

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Honda, E. “Minakata Kumagusu and the Emergence of Queer Nature: The Civilisation Theory, Buddhist Science and Microbes, 1887-1892” in Modern Asian Studies (Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press, forthcoming).

Power, A., Peša, I., and Honda, E. “Undoing the Discipline: History in the Time of Climate Crisis and COVID-19” in Journal for the History of Environment and Society (Gent: Brepols, 2020).

Honda, E. “Knowledge without Supremacy: Japanese Studies in the Face of Global Ecological Crisis” in Toshiba International Foundation 30th Anniversary Essay Contest (Berlin and Tokyo: European Association for Japanese Studies & Toshiba International Foundation, 2019), Awarded the Grand Prize.

Honda, E. “Political Ecology of Art and Architecture in Japan: 100 Years Ago and Now” in Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art: Political Ecology in East Asia (Bristol: Intellect, 2016), 243-264.

Honda, E. “‘Planetary’ Knowledge? Moving Beyond Internationalism” in Mizukoshi, Shin., Sakura, Osamu., and Yang, Andrew ed. 5: The Anthropocene and Our Post-Natural Future (Tokyo: 5, 2016), 36-45.


Book Chapters

Honda, E. “Minakata Kumagusu and the Microbial Turn in the Historicity of Civilising Modern Japan, 1887-1892” for Reopening the Opening of Modern Japan (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).

Honda, E. “On Atomic Subjectivity” in Ele Carpenter ed., Nuclear Culture Source Book (London: Black Dog Publishing, 2016), 131-133.

Honda, E. “A Spectre of Words: Niwa Yoshinori and the Spectrum of the Common” in Niwa Yoshinori: Historically Historic Historical History of Communism (Tokyo and London: Art-Phil /Edel Assanti, 2015), 113-138.


Edited Volumes

Honda, E. ed., Ting-Tong Chang: Fish Killer (London: Asia House, 2016). Authors: Simon Schaffer and Yuk Hui.


Book Reviews

Honda, E. “Book Review: J. Baird Callicott and James McRae ed., Japanese Environmental Philosophy” in European Journal of Japanese Philosophy 3 (Nagoya and Bruxelles: Chisokudō Publications, 2018), 349-353.