Nissan Seminar: The universal language of the body

Convener(s): Dr Giulio Pugliese and Professor Hugh Whittaker

Speaker(s): Tarinainanika Theatre Company



Corporeal Mime is a theatrical art based on the expressive power of the body. Born in early 20th century France it is now practised across the globe - including Japan. In this seminar, the directors of Japan-based Tarinainanika Theatre Company will share with you the story of this globe-trotting art. You will experience for yourself its startling but intuitive corporeal grammar. And together we will flesh out the case for a new departure in transnational understanding, based on the universal language of the body.

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Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke trained in London are former members of the renowned Theatre de l’Ange Fou theatre company. Now based in Osaka, they run Tarinainanika and the Corporeal Mime School of Performing Arts. Originally from Japan, Kentaro moved to the UK at the age of 18 to study acting. Tania studied PPE at Oxford and worked in business before discovering Corporeal Mime. 


Tarinainanika will be on tour in the UK during October with their current production, Rey Camoy, inspired by the life and works of a Japanese painter.  For performance dates and to watch the trailer please visit The tour is supported by Japan Foundation, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and EU Japan Fest.


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