Academic Visitors

Academic Visitors at the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies and OSGA

The Oxford School of Global Area Studies (OSGA) welcomes visitors primarily to conduct research activity that is aligned with the research agenda of the School and its academic research programmes. The visitor programme exists to facilitate links and collaboration with other universities, governments and organisations, both in the UK and overseas, and to allow academics and practitioners the opportunity to collaborate in research with our School’s academics. Visitors, who must be nominated and hosted by a permanent academic member of staff at the School, may be associated with the School for different purposes and for varying periods. All visitor applications must be reviewed and approved by the Nissan Institute Management Committee in advance of any visit.


Before completing the application form to become a visitor, please read the OSGA Visitors policy & procedure and familiarise yourself with the Visitor application process document. In particular, it is recommended that prospective applicants consider who in the School might be able to offer appropriate support as an Academic Host and contact them for advice before applying to the Academic Visitor Programme.

Please ensure that you submit a complete application with all the required information.

Once you have submitted your application, your identified Academic Host and associated Programme Administrator will be asked to review before it is submitted to the Management Committee for approval.

Visitors should note that applications will need to be submitted by the following deadlines for the academic year 2023-24 to enable all Management Committees to approve applications:

  • Monday 25 September 2023 (Michaelmas Term Management Committee)
  • Monday 1 January 2024 (Hilary Term Management Committee)
  • Monday 8 April 2024 (Trinity Term Management Committee)

However, visitors requiring a visa and/or ATAS clearance should note that their visit start date may be impacted and/or delayed by the visa/ATAS process.

Visitor fees

Standard OSGA fees: visitors will be charged £250 per month or £600 per term.  The Nissan Institute does not charge a fee.

Programmes may use their discretion in setting fees relating to Academic Visitors engaged in collaboration (Type A). Programmes may set discretionary fees if providing visitors with desk space agreed by prior arrangement.

The School does not provide salary or other financial payments to visitors. Visitors should apply for research funding schemes through their own institutions. The visitor will also be responsible for their travel, accommodation, visa fees and all maintenance costs.

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