Funding for Research in Japan

Funding Available for Postgraduate Students to Conduct Research/Fieldwork in Japan

Canon Foundation Research Fellowships

Annually, the Canon Foundation in Europe grants up to 15 Fellowships to highly qualified European and Japanese researchers. European Fellows are expected to pursue a period of research in Japan whereas Japanese Fellows are expected to do their research in Europe. Canon Foundation Fellowships are for a minimum period of three months up to maximum of one year. We support all fields of research. All Europeans are eligible to apply (including Israel, Turkey, Balkan and Baltic countries). Applicants should have obtained at least a Master's or PhD degree within the last ten years of applying to the Canon Foundation. We will also consider candidates who obtained their qualification more than ten years ago as long as they provide further supporting information in their application. Please note that priority is given to applicants going to Europe and Japan for the first time. The annual deadline for applications is September 15.

Daiwa Scholarship

The Daiwa Scholarship is a unique 19-month programme of language study, work placement and homestay in Japan, following a month of Japanese language tuition in the UK. Daiwa Scholarships offer young and talented UK citizens with strong leadership potential, the opportunity to acquire Japanese language skills, and to access expertise and knowledge relevant to their career goals. No previous experience of Japan or Japanese is necessary. The deadline for the 2025  Daiwa Scholarship programme  is 5 December 2024.

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Travel grants to a maximum of £1,000 to PhD students wishing to travel to Japan for dissertation research or to complete fieldwork. Due: 31st March, 15th September and 15th December (London Office).
Japan Foundation Endowment Committee

Funding to support contributions to Japanese Studies research by staff and doctoral students in UK universities. Due: 15 April and 15 October.

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Programme 4-12 months funding for doctoral candidates working in the field of Japanese Studies, the humanities and social sciences who are in the closing stages of their Ph.D. and who need to undertake fieldwork in Japan in order to complete their dissertation/thesis. A named affiliate in Japan is required at the time of application. Please refer to the official website for more information.
Japanese Government (MEXT) Postgraduate Scholarships Scholarships for 18 months or 24 months postgraduate study in Japan. Eligible for UK citizens. Please refer to the official website for more information. The application window for the 2024 MEXT Postgraduate Scholarship Programme for UK nationals is now closed. The application window for 2025 scholarship is expected to open in early April 2024.
JSPS Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers (Short-Term Award) Funding for 1-12 months research at a host institution in Japan. UK based researchers submit applications to the JSPS London office by June and December. Application submitted on behalf of the applicant by host researchers in Japan directly to JSPS Headquarters by January, June and October.
JSPS Summer Programme Funding for 2 months research in Japan during summer at a host institution. Eligible for postgraduate students who are citizens or permanent residents of the UK, France, Germany, Canada and Sweden. Please refer to the official website for more details.
Nippon Foundation Fellows Program at IUC The Nippon Foundation Fellows will receive a full tuition scholarship plus modest living stipend to attend the 10-Month Fellowship Program at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama. Please refer to their website for more details.

Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships

Applications are invited for Toshiba International Foundation Fellowships. Grantees can expect a fellowship of not more than 7.000 EUR. The fellowship programme aims at enabling Ph.D. candidates to pursue research in Japan for their ongoing Ph.D. projects. Applicants must be doctoral students by the time of applying as well as by time of the scheduled research stay in Japan. Since the purpose of the scholarship is to promote the academic study of Japan by those who have not already had a long-term experience in Japan (i.e. a maximum of two years in total), applications by Japanese High School graduates will not be considered. Due: 22 March 2024.